Johnny Jet's bad hair day Johnny Jet's bad hair day
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Are You Happy With Your Life
A Song I Wrote This Afternoon
Baby, Since You've Been Gone
Bad Tempered Girlfriend
Belly Dancer
Buy One Get One Free
Call My Name
Car Crash
Clean Way Forward
Complete Control
Elvis in my Pocket
Emo Kind of Guy
Fear of Flying
Foolish Lover
I Don't Know Why
I Don't Want to Die
If I Was Your Man
I Was a Teenage Sex Kitten
I Wrote This Song for You
The Day I Won the Lottery
Middle Class
One More Time
Out of the Blue
Power Shower
Science Fiction
Sexy Sydney
Smoke on the Water
Sometimes I Understand You
Sweetest Thing
Tangled Up With You
Taste It
Thinking Out Loud
The More I Sleep
Middle Class

I'm in love with a girl with big earrings
Capped sleeve T-shirt, stone washed jeans
Any number of studs and piercings
And her language is just obscene

She spends all her money on ciggies
Her voice sounds like broken glass
She lives in a council ghetto
But at least she's not middle class

She watches the TV soap operas
Sings along to Radio 1
Dreams of holidays in Majorca
Gets all her news from the Sun

Her hair's the colour of cornflakes
She's got tattoes on her arse
A legion of ex-lovers
But at least she's not middle class

She exists on deep frozen pizzas
And waffles and chips for her tea
She's never got any money
But she can afford Sky TV

She's got plenty of children
The next one is always her last
But she makes me smile and I love her
'Cos at least she's not middle class

© Johnny Jet 2007

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