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Are You Happy With Your Life
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The More I Sleep
If I Was Your Man

If I was your man
You know I'd always hold your hand
I'd buy you red bouquets
Tell you I love you every day
I'd show you how much I care
I'd always change my underwear
Twice a week or sometimes more
Never put my dirty socks back in the drawer

If you said you wanted me
I'd never watch football on TV
And when I came in from the pub
I would never try to wake you up
Or breathe beer fumes in your ear
When I told I loved you it would be sincere
I'd cuddle you I'd kiss your neck
And not just when I wanted sex

After making love we'd cuddle and chat
I wouldn't fall asleep in two seconds flat
I'd satisfy you and what's more
I would never kick you when you snore
I'd worship your body like a shrine
I would never laugh at your bikini line
Or complain about your funny toes
Or ever make comments about your nose

I wouldn't leave the seat up in the loo
And you know my aim would always be true
And if it wasn't I'd wipe the floor
And hang your dressing gown straight back up on the door
I'd always be caring and romantic
Never say your thighs look just a bit gigantic

I'd never get cross at you and shout
When you spend ages getting ready to go out
I'd never complain about the money you spend
I'd never be jealous of your old boyfriends
I'd never tell you your habits are bizarre
You know I'd love you just the way you are
I'd love you the best I can
If I was your man

© Johnny Jet 2007

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