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I Don't Want to Die (from "Beverage Blues")

Do you wonder what it's like
When you're dead
Would the world stop
Would there be front page spreads
Or would everyone
Just carry on instead
And go down the pub or have a cup of tea
And say a little prayer - thank God it wasn't me

What would you see From the Pearly Gates
Could you watch your family
Mourn your fate
And bicker
Over your estate
Could you contact your wife, help her with her loss
Until she meets someone else and makes you very very cross
I don't want to die
Don't want to be deceased
I don't ever want to meet the priest

In the afterlife If you're cremated
You'd have no body
Would you be frustrated
Or maybe just
Very very dehydrated
How could you make a respectable ghost
Wandering around like a piece of badly burnt toast

So maybe it's better to
Be buried 6 foot under
The silence of the grave
Full of heavenly wonder
Unless there had been
A medical blunder
In which case maybe you'd scream and shout
A lot, until all the air ran out

I don't want to die
Don't want to be deceased
Don't want you to read my obituary
But when you go will it be in a blaze of glory
Or reversing by mistake from off a multi storey
An assasin's bullet or a hangman's noose
A piece of stair carpet that had worked itself loose
Maybe a spectacular getaway crash
Or something that started as just a small rash
A rock'n'roll suicide, going out like a shooting comet
Or choking to death on someone else's vomit

However you go it's gonna be a blow
Maybe if you're lucky you'll never ever know
Maybe I could die peaceful in my bed
After a three way orgy with identical twin red heads
Maybe then I'd be happy to be
Johnny Jet RIP

© Johnny Jet 2007

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